Congratulations to Adis Fazlic, Silver Leader from Waterloo, Iowa for winning the #VemmaRewards Social Media Photo Contest! Adis has won a Verve ParTea-branded 20″ Carry-On Luggage! In redesigning the Vemma Rewards and Recognition program, we wanted to connect our Brand Partners with rewards that will excite and inspire, help you share the Vemma story, and most importantly, help you create a revolution in your Vemma business. You can browse the new website now at Vemma-recognition.com, and be on the lookout for notifications through your Back Office messages inviting you to select your rewards! In order for us to get your awards to you efficiently be sure your address and email are up-to-date and use the “Contact Us” page on our new Recognition Site if you have any questions or issues regarding your awards instead of calling or emailing the Vemma Member Services team. With our new Vemma Rewards and Recognition program, we’re excited to introduce an option to highlight your rank advancement with three attractive jewelry options! You can kick it old school with a classic pin, look tough in a dog tag, or wear an elegant pendant. Whichever you choose, you’ll let everyone know that you’re on a journey to financial success! With our generous recognition program, you have the ability to earn a multitude of rewards, from state-of-the-art electronics and professional photo shoots to designer luggage and exotic travel opportunities. Enjoy the journey as we celebrate your success! To see all of the Vemma Rewards contest entries, visit #VemmaRewards on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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    ~ About Me ~

    Hi, I am islyee.I was a workaholic. I don't have time to take care myself and also don't have time to accompany my family. This really make me depress. And now, i am work hard for my life and my future with VeMMA, because i want to have more time to accompany my family especially my parents, and also i want to have more time to do the things i want to do. At the same time, i also want to help more people whoever want to have a different life.

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    "The Website Does All The Selling!"

    " Sharing the Vemma product and the Vemma opportunity is just so easy. With the website that does all the telling and selling and is provided by Vemma for all members, we have been able to build a business around the world with a truly seamless compensation plan. It is just amazing. "

    – Peter & Marie Francis -

    "I've Got Time, Freedom, And 5 Times The Income..."

    " When I was in the golf business, I worked 60+ hours a week. I spent the majority of my time on the phone babysitting my people and only played 3 rounds of golf in 4 years! Now I've got time freedom, 5 times the income from my best year in the golf industry, and the gift of sharing Vemma with family, friends and beyond every day. "

    – Jeff Bedbury -

    "The Right Place At The Right Time..."

    " Three years of experience with this company has shown us that we truly are in the right place at the right time and we are definitely a part of something huge. Vemma is truly relationship marketing at its best! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to work full time helping others enjoy the same health and financial benefits we are experiencing. "

    – Mary and Ralph Tack -

    "Allowed Us To Become Debt-Free And Retire Our Jobs!"

    " Vemma offers an opportunity of a lifetime - a chance for ordinary people to make extraordinary incomes! Our initial goal was to create a second stream of income without a second job on a product that we never see, ship, or exchange money for. The simple referral based opportunity allowed us to surpass our goal to 'supplement' our income and allowed us to become debt free and retire our jobs. "

    – Ruth & Jeff Elliott -

    Living With A Career We Love!

    " With Vemma we have been able to help people attain and maintain better health through state-of-the art liquid nutrition. By helping others we have also been able to pay off substantial debt and have a full-time living with a career we love."

    – Dan and Cathy Sarver -

    "Making a Living While Making a Difference!"

    " When we started with Vemma, we had no idea just how much freedom and money we could earn simply by helping make a difference in the lives of the people we cared about. "

    – Tom and Bethany Alkazin -


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